1.The difference between JPEG and RAW is RAW files are significantly bigger than JPEG (and any other) image file formats.

2. Raw is bigger than JPEG.

3. Yes you can. You have to To batch export RAW files to JPEG, hold Command or Control and click between the files you wish to export in the Library Module. Then go to File > Export, choose an export destination, and set the image format to JPEG. Finally, click Export, and all your selected RAW files will be exported to JPEG.

4. I would you use RAW because it would be easier to edit the photos in RAW than it would be in JPEG.



Theses are my three favorite photos. I like that they are all about space. They are all super pretty too!

Earthrise, William Anders, NASA, 1968

Earthrise, William Anders, NASA, 1968  It was on December 24, 1968, exactly 75 hours, 48 minutes and 41 seconds after the Apollo 8 spacecraft lifted off from Cape Canaveral en route to becoming the first manned mission to orbit the moon. Astronauts Frank Borman, Jim Lovell and Bill Anders entered lunar orbit on Christmas Eve of what had been a bloody, war-torn year for America. 

A Man On The Moon, Neil Armstrong, Nasa, 1969

A Man On The Moon, Neil Armstrong, Nasa, 1969 Somewhere in the Sea of Tranquillity, the little depression in which Buzz Aldrin stood on the evening of July 20, 1969, is still there—one of billions of pits and craters and pockmarks on the moon’s ancient surface. But it may not be the astronaut’s most indelible mark.

Pillars Of Creation, Nasa, 1995

Pillars Of Creation, Nasa, 1995 on April 1, 1995, the telescope delivered the goods, capturing an image of the universe so clear and deep that it has come to be known as Pillars of Creation. What Hubble photographed is the Eagle Nebula, a star-forming patch of space 6,500 light-years from Earth in the constellation Serpens Cauda. 

Studio portraits with strobes & gel


This internet image is really cool I like the different colors as the background. I subject looks really good and with the background gels it makes it better.


Poetry & Photography

  1. I choose these words to go with this image because first of these specific words are from one my favorite songs. I just thought the idea of Angie reading book can be fun and easy thing to for it to go with the picture.
  2. I think the audience will understand my work pretty fast and easy.; It’s not really hard to understand in my opinion.

Favorite Teacher

Some of my favorite teachers are Mr. Palafox, Miss Lopez, and Mr. Marquez. The three of them are all amazing and super kind. They are all very special to me.

Miss Lopez was my English teacher when I was a freshman in 2019. She always made me happy and would always make me laugh in class. She is very kind and an amazing teacher. She also super sweet. Till this day when I see her we greet each other. I didn’t get to finish her class because of the pandemic which I wished I could of but it’s okay because i see her around school. overall she is just one of my Favorite teachers,

Mr. Marquez is also a very kind teacher. He’s funny and really easy to get along with. I never really liked history It was just never my thing but Mr. Marquez teaches it a certain and easy way which is very helpful because I actually have learned new things this year. I really like how he is very understanding and won’t really get mad at you, and he’s just really chill. He will also be on of my favorite teachers.

Mr. Palafox is a cool teacher. He is very sweet and a chill teacher. He is also very easy to get along with. Mr. Palafox isn’t really considered a teacher yet he is a sub but I see him as a teacher because he is very helpful. He is also very funny. I like how helps every student that is in his class. I haven’t known Palafox for that long but it was really easy to get along with him and his class.


National geographic magazine review

I like these three covers because it looks like they have something to do with nature. Maybe not the last one but the other two. I really like the humming bird one the best, I think it is super cute and pretty. I also like the tree one it looks and seems like  a calm magazine.


National Geographic 822

National Geographic 833

National Geographic 846

Fill Flash


what is fill flash? Fill flash is a technique photographers use to brighten deep shadowed areas, especially on gray days or extremely sunny sessions. When the subject is underexposed due to the deficit of sunlight and other lights or sometimes due to the backlight, fill flash is supplemented to correctly expose the subject. When it comes to portraits, fill flash can spice up them by ironing out the unwanted shadows and dark circles under the eyes of your subject. You  don’t want your subject to look unrealistic due to a superfluous light.

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